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Image courtesy of You won’t tame this Sassy Cat Kink of the Week October 16-31: Vampires I thought that as October is the month which ends with celebrating all things sinister and macabre that maybe a topic that lent itself… Continue Reading →


Image courtesy of A Slut’s Memoir Kink of the Week October 1-15: Bukkake Bukkake is the sexual act of multiple men ejaculating on another person covering them with their semen. Bukkake originated in Japanese pornography in the 1980’s as a… Continue Reading →


Image courtesy of Sex is my New Hobby Kink of the Week September 16-30: Backs A few months ago, having joined Instagram I discovered a profile dedicated to nude backs. Last time I looked it had over 25k followers. Every… Continue Reading →


Image courtesy of Maria Opens Up Kink of the Week September 1-15: Hair We have done pubic hair so I thought maybe we should also talk about the hair on our heads. For future reference we will also do other… Continue Reading →

Tasks: Proof Of Devotion – Guest Post

Thank you to Bibulous for encouraging the lovely Puck to send me this guest post about tasks. You can find puck on Twitter @Swans_puck Tasks: Proof Of Devotion For two and a half years, Miss Elizabeth Swan has been setting… Continue Reading →


Kink of the Week August 16-31: Task/Tasking Assigning/receiving tasks is a key part of many peoples D/s relationships but to be honest I think it is something that in some form or other appears in many peoples sexual relationships. I… Continue Reading →

Urethral Sounding

Image courtesy of Steeled Snake I have wanted to include this topic on here for a while now, but as it is not something I know a great deal about I didn’t feel confident in writing an introduction to it… Continue Reading →


Image courtesy of Emmeline Peaches Reviews Kink of the Week July 16-31: Vibrators As we have already done dildos it seems only right that we should also tackle vibrators here on Kink of the Week. Vibrators have been around for… Continue Reading →


Image courtesy of Happy Come Lucky Kink of the Week July 1-15: Kneeling Kneeling can be a very powerful act both for the person kneeling and for the person(s) being knelt to. It is often a core part of many… Continue Reading →

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