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Kink of the Week October 16-31: Halloween I was really surprised that we have not done this as a topic but now we are going to put that right. I know there will be some of you reading this and… Continue Reading →


Image from Holden and Camille Kink of the Week October 1-16: Handjobs A handjob is the art of masturbating a man to orgasm using just your hands. I think it is an underrated sex act that is often associated with… Continue Reading →

Hand Spanking

Image courtesy of SteamyBedtime Kink of the Week September 16-30: Hand Spanking Some of you maybe aware that a few weeks back the linky tool that I used to use here vanished and as a result all the old links… Continue Reading →


Kink of the Week September 1-16: Squirting Squirting, officially called female ejaculation, is the expulsion of fluid from or near the vagina during the moment of orgasm. Despite the fact that female ejaculation has been widely talked about and referred… Continue Reading →

Going Commando

Kink of the Week Aug 16-31: Going Commando Going commando, also sometimes known as ‘free-balling’ for men is the practice of not wearing any underwear (pants, boxers, panties, knickers etc) beneath your clothes. Being told to not wear any underwear… Continue Reading →


Kink of the Week Aug 1-16: Names/titles Names and titles are often key parts of D/s relationships and nick names are popular in all sorts of relationships not just those that identify as D/s. So are they are a part… Continue Reading →

Getting wet in the rain

This topic was suggested to me by @sub_bee and I have had it on the list for a while now but not got round to using it because I was not 100% sure what to write here and then I… Continue Reading →


Image courtesy of Rebel’s Notes Kink of the Week July 1-16: Fingering Fingering is the insertion of fingers into the, vagina, anus, or indeed any cavity, for sexual pleasure and stimulation. However it is most widely understood to mean the… Continue Reading →


Image Courtesy of Life of Elliot and all that Jizz Kink of the Week June 16-30: Cock Rings This is one of the topics I have had on my list for ages now and really wanted to do but have… Continue Reading →

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