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Kink of the Week July 16-31: Humiliation So I feel like this is a kink that is a bit like the question; How long is a piece of string? Because what I might find humiliating in a sexual sense and… Continue Reading →

Knife Play

Kink of the Week July 1-16: Knife Play Time for another topic revisit. This was first done back in 2013 so definitely time for a redo I think. Knife play is considered by many to be a form of edge… Continue Reading →


Kink of the Week June 16-30: Swinging “Swinging, sometimes called wife swapping, husband swapping or partner swapping, is sexual activity in which both singles and partners in a committed relationship engage in such activities with others as a recreational or… Continue Reading →

Double Penetration

Kink of the Week June 1-16: Double Penetration Double penetration, often just referred to as a DP is the act of being penetrated in both holes (vagina and anus) at the same time. However I am also including DV and… Continue Reading →

Medical Staples

Kink of the Week May 16-31: Medical Staples When I say staples I don’t mean the office kind, but the medical kind that are traditionally used to close certain types of wounds, but in this context are used as a… Continue Reading →

Outdoor Sex

Image courtesy of Molly’s Daily Kiss Kink of the Week May 1-16: Outdoor Sex I think this should really be called outdoor sexual activities because really it is up to you to define what sex is for you. However as… Continue Reading →


Kink of the Week April 16-30: Speculums Speculums are medical tools used for investigating body orifices such as the vagina, anus, nose, ear and even mouth but in the context of kink they pretty much just refer to vaginal and… Continue Reading →


Kink of the Week April 1-16: Mirrors Mirror, mirror, on the wall, Who in this land is fairest of all? Or maybe that should kinkiest? So this topic is not really about being turned on by mirrors themselves, although if… Continue Reading →

Love Bites

Image courtesy of On Queer Street Kink of the Week March 16-31: Love Bites Love bites, also known as a Hickey is a bruise like mark caused by sucking/kissing the skin. It is traditionally located on the neck, especially of… Continue Reading →

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