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Kink of the Week, March 25-31 – Spanking

The Kink of the Week is debuting with one of my personal favorites: spanking! I have good reason to be thinking a lot about spanking lately, and will definitely be posting about my own fascination with it soon.  Meanwhile, I’d love to hear what you have to say about spanking, see your favorite spanking pictures, read your fantasies and thoughts about it.

Some questions to fuel your thoughts (feel free to answer any or all or none of these!)

Do you love it? Do you hate it? Never tried it?

What do you like/hate/love about it?

Are you the spanker or the spankee or do you switch?

Do you have a favorite way to be spanked (or to spank) – or a least favorite? Favorite implement/least favorite? Are implements even allowed in your style of spanking?

Is it a sexy/sensual/sexual activity for you? A playful one? Or is it punishment? (Or all of the above?)

Do you have a favorite scene or fantasy you’d like to share? Or perhaps some photos?

Or maybe you just don’t “get it” at all, why anyone would want to be spanked (or spank someone else)…

Bring it on, and let’s Get Kinky!
1. In My Place
2. I Need This
3. Spanking – Kink of the Week
4. Spanking Noob
5. Kink of the week 1: Spanking
6. Kink of the Week – Spanking
7. Sudden Surprise Spanking
8. The Spankee’s Gaze
9.Persephone Raya

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