As we enter into the second week of The Kink of the Week, I couldn’t be more pleased with how well-received and how much participation I had the first week! Not only in the posts that were linked here, but in the commentary and discussion on the participating blogs themselves. More than just giving people a writing prompt, I had hoped to foster discussion among participants as well as readers, and I can already see that happening! So a big THANK YOU!! to all who participated in Week One!

And now we move on to Week Two, and our new topic: Wax Play!

Some questions to get you started (feel free to answer any or none of them.)

Have you ever engaged in wax play? Did you enjoy it or dislike it? What kinds of sensations did it evoke? Was it sensual and pleasant, or painful? If you’re a Top, what sensations are you hoping to evoke when you use wax? Is this play something you (Top or bottom) find erotic and sexual? Is it a lead-in to different play, or a scene in and off itself? Do you have an unusual way that you have used or had wax used on you?  Have you had it combined with other kinds of play, or have an interesting wax play scene you’d like to share?

Posts can be any kind of writing: autobiographical, educational, a fantasy, poetry or erotica, thoughts and musings; or no writing at all: a picture or a picture essay is just fine too!

Don’t forget to link back to this blog with the KOTW badge and to visit often to see who else is playing along all week!

Also, as a housekeeping note, feel free to name your post here with your website’s name or a unique name for the post, so people can distinguish between them all. 🙂

1. Waxing Eloquent

2. Wax Play

3. Dripping Hot  

4. Breathing with the  flame

5. Wax Play

6. Wax Play

7. The Impromptu Wax Play Expert Outs Himself