Welcome to the third week of the Kink of the Week!

This week’s topic is another favorite of mine: blindfolds.

pencil sketch of woman blindfolded

(image used under a Creative Commons license) 

How do you feel about blindfolds? Do use them in your own play? Are they a scene enhancer or a distraction, and how so? Do they scare you, or do you use them to engender an element of fear and/or surprise in a scene?

Someone once described the use of blindfolds to me as “BDSM-lite” and claimed that since everyone has tried them at least once, he doesn’t even really classify them as “kinky” play. Would you agree with that? Why or why not?

I played with a woman who, while she loved and engaged in sexual play easily, could only allow herself to indulge in BDSM play while blindfolded, because they allowed her to feel “outside” herself enough to enjoy what was going on. I’ve always felt the opposite, that blindfolds ground me deeply into the scene, and make me acutely aware of my play partner(s), as his/her presence becomes the only thing I can hold onto. Do you recognize yourself (or your play partner) in either of those descriptions?

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So c’mon, let’s Get Our Kink On and talk about blindfolds!

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