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Kink of the Week, April 15-April 21 – Foot Fetish

It’s Week 4 of the Kink of the Week, folks, and I have a very popular kink open for discussion: Foot Fetish!

I’ve never really gotten into foot fetishism myself (we have a high heel fetish over here at W’s house), but many people are. Why do so many people sexualize feet? What is it about the foot that causes such a deep fascination and sexual desire?

I won’t be around much this week to discuss the topic as I will be traveling again, so my tweets may be late to go out about it, but I can’t wait to read everyone else’s thoughts.

Ready, set…let’s Get Our Kink On!

1. Best foot forward

2. Playing footsie

3. Foot Fetish

4. You want to do what to my feet?

5. Jumping in feet first

6. Foot Fetish

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