This week’s #KOTW is another kink that I do not have much experience with, although I did get to see it in action a little bit this past weekend, and talk to several people about their interest in it.

Roleplay is a big part of many people’s kink interactions. Some people even say that D/s roles themselves are inherently roleplaying. This doesn’t ring true for me, but I can see the point. Most people associate roleplaying with playing a character, though, such as professor/student, doctor/patient, daddy/mommy and child, boss and secretary (oh wait, looks like I DO have some experience with that!) 😉 Actually that is a good jumping off point as well, as even when we are playing “Boss/secretary” it’s not like we are actually acting those roles and act out a scene, we just sort of tease about it. Is that how it works for you, if you roleplay? Or do you have elaborate scenarios, sets & props?

Does roleplaying have a place in your kink, either play or relationships? If so, is there one particular type of roleplay you do, or many? Do you roleplay online or in the flesh, or both? Do you roleplay with certain people and not others, or only in a certain kind of scene? What role(s) do you enjoy, and are there roles you’d like to explore? How does roleplaying fit in with your dynamic, and what do you get out of it?

Ready, set – Let’s Get Our Kink On!

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