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Kink of the Week, April 29-May 5 – Face Slapping

This week I thought I’d move on to something with a little sharper edge: Face Slapping.

Face slapping can be erotic, teasing, playful, fun. It can also be brutal, harsh and frightening – even dangerous. Because of the emotional overtones most people associate with face slapping, and because it can cause true harm if done incorrectly, most consider it to be edge play. Many kinky people I know, who play very hard otherwise, consider it a hard limit – but others love the thrill of fear it can evoke. Still others engage in it as a sign of gentle affection, and others as a form of punishment and do not consider it erotic at all.

Do you engage in face slapping, as a bottom or a Top? Do you enjoy it? Is it frightening, exciting, a turn-on or a turn-off? An absolute limit, or something you’d like to explore?

Is it something you engage in regularly, or only in special circumstances?  Is it a sensation or mood enhancer? Do you use it as an exclamation point, or to build the tension in a scene? Is it part of foreplay? Is it a scene-setter?

How thoroughly do you/did you negotiate face slapping before engaging in it? Was it something you discussed in-depth beforehand, or would need to before engaging in it?

Do you use/receive face slapping as punishment?

For the ones who are slapped – do you like it? Is it part of your larger system of kink? For example, do you incorporate it into your pursuit of degradation/humiliation play? Is it a key part of rape play for you (if you practice that)? Is it sexually exciting, or an act that is devoid of sexual overtones?

For those who do the slapping – what do feel when you engage in it? What reaction are you seeking to evoke? Is it sexually stimulating?

Feel free to answer any or none of the above questions in your posts! Now, let’s Get Our Kink On!

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