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Kink of the Week, May 13-May 19 – Collars

Alrighty then! Last week we had a kink that got quite a few interesting responses, but which no one that posted had ever actually done (including myself!) So this week, we’re going to talk about something most people have at least some experience with: Collars.

Have you ever seen a woman or a man in the grocery store with a beautiful, choker-style necklace, and wondered, “Is he/she kinky?” I know I have. What is it that makes this such a recognizable and enduring symbol of the BDSM lifestyle?

Do you have or have you ever worn a collar as a symbol, or had a partner you had “collared” or to whom you were “collared”? What does the symbolism mean to you (if anything)? Does being collared have the same level of commitment as being married? What about different “levels” of collars (training, play, consideration, ownership, etc.)?

Or maybe you or your partner(s) only use them as part of a scene, as another toy in your kinky toybox? Perhaps it isn’t about symbolism, but the feel of leather or steel under your hand or around your throat that excites you and sets a scene.

What about collars in public? Have you or do you wear a collar in public, or have a partner that does, as a symbol or as part of a scene? What do you think of those who do?

So c’mon, tell us what you think – Let’s Get Our Kink On!

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