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Kink of the Week, May 20-May 26 – Panties

Okay, I can see ya’ll scratching your heads and saying, “Seriously, Jade? Panties? What’s kinky about panties?” But let me assure you, there is a serious fetish out there for panties! Frilly, lacy, sexy…thongs, boyshorts, bikinis…high-leg, tanga, barely there, seamless…just take a look at your local department store and you’ll see a billion dollar industry devoted to women’s underwear.  It’s not just kinky folks that dig on women’s underwear.

To say nothing of men’s underwear or men wearing women’s underwear!

What we wear beneath our clothes has always been of intense interest and speculation, to men and women alike. Women are often judged by what kind of panties they wear – or don’t. Many women (myself included) have drawers full of panties. Some of us sort them by type & color, and wear certain ones only in certain situations. Some bottoms (men and women) are restricted to wearing only certain types of underwear, or none at all, by their kink partners. In the spanking community, there is a definite panty fetish, and the act of taking them down is part of the nuance of a spanking scene. And then there is the whole subculture of dirty/soiled/worn panties…

Do you have a panty fetish? Do certain panties signify certain things to you/about you? If you are in a D/s relationship, do you have or do you impose rules about the wearing of panties? Are panties even kinky, or just another piece of clothing – sure, they can be sexy, but kinky? Not so much…

How do you feel about panties?  Let’s talk about what goes under our clothes, folks (or doesn’t!)

Let’s Get Our Kink On!

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