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Ahhh…the sweet sounds of electrical play.

Or terrifying sounds. Depends on what your viewpoint is.

I never would have guessed that playing with electricity could be a kinky or sexual activity before I started hanging out with the group of perverts I now call my friends and lovers. But oh, yes, it most certainly can be, and is.  I think ole Nikola Tesla planned for it to be used that way, in fact. I mean, look at him. Right there’s a kinky bastard if I ever saw one.


So what is your viewpoint on electricity as a kinky toy? Do you play with it?  If so, how do you play with it? (Inquiring minds – or at least this inquiring mind – wants to know, being an electricity virgin.)

Here are a few of the more “common” types of electrical play. Have you ever played with any of them? Are there others that you enjoy that aren’t listed?

  • Violet Wands
  • Tens Units
  • Cattle Prods/Tasers
  • Bug Zappers

Have you experienced electrical play yourself? Did you enjoy it? Do you find it painful, erotic, irritating – electricfying? 😉

If you play with electricity as a Top or bottom, what draws you to it?

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