If last week’s number of posts is any indication, you all love your clothespins (as do I.) And as Molly of Molly’s Daily Kiss said, hopefully all those yummy pictures and discussions will inspire lots more…experimentation…with them. 😀  But now, on to this week’s topic (I know, I know, this post is late going up – I got kidnapped and taken off into the woods for three days of no internet or phones. Hey, I was lucky there was electricity!) But enough about me already, let’s get on with the topic…

This week we are talking about marks – specifically the marks left on your body – or the body of one you have been playing with – after you have been playing.

As sometimes happens here in #KinkoftheWeek land, it was a passing remark on Twitter that inspired this week’s topic. And actually that Twitter discussion was inspired by a comment made by my friend Pandora while we were in Atlantic City: she referred to herself as a “marks fetishist.” I never had time to ask her what she meant by that, but I am hoping she will chime in here, as I believe that for many people, getting and giving marks has a deeper meaning than, say, just the happy glow I get when I look at my own marks in the mirror.

So now I’m asking all of you: how do you feel about getting or giving marks? Do you treasure them, or can you take or leave them? Are the marks you get (or give) part of your kink, and have some deeper meaning, or just an outcome of what you do?

Or perhaps marks are something to be avoided or hidden, or that cause embarrassment. Or maybe you just don’t like them.

Do you consider yourself a “marks fetishist”?  Do you desire them, negotiate for scenes that will cause them, or are maybe even feel disappointed if you don’t get (or give) them? Are getting or causing marks, or the sight of marks on your body or the body of the person you play with, arousing to you?

Are marks sexy? Are they a badge of honor? Do you poke at them, sigh over them, look at them in the mirror, maybe even take pictures of them?

What about those of you with multiple relationships or play partners? Does that affect whether you give or get marks, or how, when or where?

I want to hear about how you all feel about marks this week – and maybe even inspire some of you to show them off!

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