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Kink of the Week, July 15-21 – Flogging

I think this week we’re going to stick to the theme of impact play, and explore flogging.

Flogging is often one of the first “official” kink activities that people experiment with. I say “official” because unlike those other things that you might be already doing before you decide to be “really” kinky – maybe a bit of rough sex, nipple twisting or pinching, biting, spanking or even caning – it is one that requires a person to actually purchase a tool specifically made for kink.  You don’t usually find floggers in the “cookware” aisle of your grocery store. (What? Don’t try to tell me you haven’t shopped for kink toys in the cookware aisle!) You have to shop at stores that specialize in (or at least carry) kink items, either online or offline.

So…have you been flogged, or flogged someone else? What do you think of it?

Is it an actual kink of yours – do you need it, want it, crave it? – or just something that you enjoy when it happens?

Is it used a a precursor to other kinds of play – a warm-up? Or is it an activity you enjoy in and of itself?

Are there certain types of floggers that you love (or love to hate?) A certain place to be flogged on your body, or a certain method that you like to flog someone?

What is it about flogging that “gets” you – or doesn’t?

Let’s Get Our Kink On and talk about flogging!

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