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Kink of the Week, Aug 19-25 – Hoods

Hoods come in all shapes, styles and materials. Some cover the entire head, some only a portion, some cover only the mouth or mouth and nose, some the whole face. Some have holes cut in them to allow access to the bottom’s mouth, or have removable pieces that cover the eyes or have pieces that can be inserted into the mouth.  They are made out of latex, rubber, leather, cloth. A hood can be a shirt wrapped around someone’s head or a $300 piece of specially-crafted leather. There are animal-head hoods, smooth, faceless hoods, and hoods with implements to control a bottom’s ability to breathe. There are hoods that are meant to look sexy or fashionable and others that are clearly meant simply to dehumanize.

Do you own a hood or play with hoods? Do you like them? Is there a particular style or material you like (or dislike)? Do you like or particularly dislike having your mouth, eyes or nose covered? Do like to be zipped, laced or locked in?

Are they sexy or scary or something else entirely?

If you are in a playspace and see someone hooded for a scene, how does that make you feel? Do you have a visceral reaction, or is it just another tool to play with?

For the bottoms that play with them, what does wearing a hood feel like to you? What kind of emotional reaction (if any) does it conjure up?

For the tops, why would you or do you use a hood?

Is using a hood fear play or humiliation play, or objectification, or something else?

***By special request, this week’s topic is separate from GAS MASKS. That will be a future Kink of the Week all on its own.***

Let’s talk about hoods!

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