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Kink of the Week is on Vacation

Due to the Labor Day holiday, there is no new topic for this week, but I have a surprise!


That’s right, you can post to any previous topic you’d like.

Did you miss one that you meant to write for but didn’t have time? Is there something new you’d like to share on a topic you already wrote on? Now you have your chance!

Since I won’t be able to keep track of new posts, be sure to tweet me @piecesofjade with the topic & title of the post so I can retweet about it.

New to #KOTW? Here’s how to participate:

If you’d like to submit to the Kink of the Week but don’t have a blog, or want to do so anonymously, send your submissions to piecesofjade at gmail dot com and I’ll post it for you!

*Please note: Kink of the Week is intended to highlight only ORIGINAL, CURRENT content.

Let’s Get Our Kink On!

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