Ahhh, the smell of leather.  The feel of it. The sound of it.  Yep, I love it.  Here’s my secret though: all those things don’t make me think about BDSM. To me, leather is about saddles, and horses, and my teenage years – definitely not kinky thoughts!

What do you think about leather, in terms of kink and the enduring symbol of kink that it has become? How did leather become such a ubiquitous symbol of BDSM? Do you think it’s overdone, a cliche?

Do you wear, play with or use leather in your kink?

Is there something inherently kinky about leather?

If you’re vegetarian or began, do you object to implements and kink accessories made of leather?

Does leather have any special significance to you? Do you like it, the way it smells or feels or looks?

Would you like to share a special memory or fantasy having to do with leather, or a sexy picture? Now’s the time –

Let’s Get Our Kink On and talk about leather!

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