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Kink of the Week, Oct. 14-20: Tickling

So…who here is ticklish? And who likes to be tickled? Alternatively, who calls “red” at the thought of a tickling scene?!?

I didn’t actually have “tickling” on my Master Kink List. (Yes, I keep a list that I refer to each week before deciding which topic to post on. So shoot me, I’m a list geek!) It was Lillith’s blog, in which she briefly mentions tickling (in relation to feet) that put the idea in my head. Last week’s topic, bastinado, was about a pretty intense activity, and one that is potentially quite painful. So this week I opted for something that, while it can also involve the feet, it can be a less…stressful…activity.

Or more stressful, for some.

Tickling is a (dare I say it, ok I do) ticklish subject. I knew a woman that said tickling her would send her into a murderous rage. I don’t think she was exaggerating.  I know other people that do it often, as part of their kink, as play, as a way to show affection.

I remember being tickled as a child and enjoying it. I also remember being tickled by an uncle in a way that wasn’t enjoyable.

I know people that tickle as part of a torture scene. I watched a woman being tickled until she cried and pissed herself. I don’t think that was a “happy, playful” scene, though at the end she was laughing and smiling and had clearly gotten something positive out of it. (Sounds like any S/m scene that goes right, eh?)

I can’t recall anyone ever asking if tickling was okay in scene negotiations…it just never came up, the way, say, that breath play, slapping or caning do. And yet tickling someone – especially someone that doesn’t enjoy it – can be torturous and quite unpleasant. It makes a person laugh, and yet…it can also be overwhelming  to the point of tears. Has it ever come up in scene negotiation for you? If so, what was your response? Is tickling A-OK or a “not on your life” activity, or something in between? Is it a torture or a playful activity (or playful up to the point where it is torture?)

Are there ways/places that it works, and others that it does not? Or ways/places that it is okay, and others where it is not?

Let’s Get Our Kink On and talk – or giggle – about tickling!

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