When I first thought of this week’s topic, I debated combining play punishment & real punishment (discipline.) Why? Because I don’t know that I would call a real punishment dynamic a “kink.”  For many people that engage in BDSM as more than just a sexual/play activity, punishment is outside of play;  it is a way of life, a dynamic.  Can that really be described as a kink? I’m not sure.  So I thought I would combine the two to make the topic (possibly) more appealing and/or broadbased.

But after thinking about it, I realized that the two things are so very different that it would do a disservice to each to lump them together.  Play punishment is playful, and though painful, still engaged in with the intent of some kind of mutual pleasure or sexual excitement.  A real punishment dynamic is a way of life.  The punishment aspect is not for mutual pleasure (although there may be some satisfaction in it from adhering to the dynamic.)  It’s not about kink or sex, at least in terms of getting hot and bothered.

As far as I know, anyway.

So what is it about?

That’s what I am curious about.  That’s what I want to know. How it works. What it looks like. What you get out of it.

Or, conversely, why you don’t engage in it.

So, do you have a relationship that has some real punishment/discipline aspect to it?

If you engage in one, what does that look like, on a day-to-day basis?

What is satisfying about a punishment dynamic?  What do you and the other half of the equation get from it?

Do you (either from the Top or bottom side) find it hard to adhere to, to follow through on?

Talk to me about your Punishment Dynamic. Or lack of one. Tell me why you do it. Or why not.

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