Here it is, folks, the Kink of the Week you’ve been waiting for: the “Anything Goes!” KOTW!

What’s that mean, you ask? Well let me tell you…

Pick a previous Kink of the Week topic, any topic, and write a brand new post on it. Did you miss role playing when it was featured, and have a fantastically erotic role play encounter you want to write about? Have you discovered a deep love for tickling that you didn’t know you had but want to share? Was only one post on voyeurism not enough? What about that amazing pictorial of caning that you wanted to share but never got around to?

Well have no fear – as my gift to you this holiday season, every Kink of the Week topic is open to re-examine, re-write on, reflect upon and write about!

(That’s, what, THIRTY-FOUR topics to write about? Damn, we’ve been kinky!!)

Last time I did this I simply opened up the actual posts for additional links, but this time I am going to do things a little differently. I want you to post the links RIGHT HERE in this post’s Linky Tool, below. That way I (and everyone else) can keep track of all the new posts as they come in.  Be sure to include the topic in the title, so people that  come here can know what to expect the post to be about.

And oh – here’s a list of the topics, in case you’ve forgotten them:

1. Spanking 2. Wax Play 3. Blindfolds
4. Foot Fetish 5. Roleplay 6. Face Slapping
7. Erotic Hypnosis 8. Collars 9. Panties
10. Figging 11. Furries 12. Knife Play
13. Electrical Play 14. Clothespins 15. Marks
16. Canes 17. Flogging 18. Singletails
19. Exhibitionism 20. Forniphilia 21. Protocol
22. Hoods 23. Sapiosexuality 24. Leather
25. Fellatio 26. Gags 27. Voyeurism
28. Bastinado 29. Tickling 30. Temperature Play
31. Punishment – Real 32. Slave Positions 33. Funishment
34. Collaring Ceremonies


All-righty then! That should give you enough to get your kink-juices flowing. 🙂

Stay kinky, folks, and enjoy your holiday!!
New to #KOTW? Here’s how to participate:

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  • Check back frequently to read other blogger’s posts & spread the kinky love!

If you’d like to submit to the Kink of the Week but don’t have a blog, or want to do so anonymously, send your submissions to piecesofjade at gmail dot com and I’ll post it for you!

*Please note: Kink of the Week is intended to highlight only ORIGINAL, CURRENT content.