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Kink of the Week, Jan 13-19: Biting

(Editor’s note: I apologize for the lateness of this posting. If you’ve been following my posts over on Kink and Poly, you know I’ve been in traveling hell. I’ve emerged on the other side (finally settled for a brief time in Sacramento) but I’ve only just now been able to get my computer set up and found time to blog, in between family stuff and resolving some technical issues.)


Or ouch.

Which is it?

Maybe it’s both.

Nibbles, nips, chomps, teeth grazing flesh…

Does biting turn you on or does it squick you out?

Do you like soft nips or bites that leave marks, or maybe even draw blood?

Does the bite of a vampire feature in your fantasies?

What is it about biting that makes your toes curl, makes your belly flip-flop, turns you on, makes you weak in the knees?

Or what is it that bothers you, that makes it a “no way!” limit?

Biting is one of those activities that doesn’t seem to be limited to the Top side of kink – I know many bottoms (myself included) that bite during play, even play in which I am very much on the bottom. In this case it doesn’t feel like a Top/bottom thing, it’s more an…animal…thing. Something feral coming out of me. Does this happen to you, from the Top or bottom side?

If you are a Top that does use biting in your BDSM/sexual play, how do you use it? Softly, as punctuation, as an entire scene?

What is it about biting that you love or hate?

Edit: I found this video via Love, Sex & Marriage. It was so perfect for the topic that I have to add it!

It’s time to Get Our Kink On and talk about biting!
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