We have another guest blogger hosting the #KOTW this week. Normally I wouldn’t have two in a row, and in fact I have several lined up, one per month, in the coming months, but with my current situation (caretaking for my grandmother in CA) I didn’t have time to write one myself, so Heaven (@JustLikeHeavn76) of Heaven’s Playground graciously agreed to host this week with a topic that I’d never even thought of: sneakers!

Sneakers, by Heaven


So I have a big question and I want everyone’s input about how they feel about Sneakers. If the sneaker is a certain type and it suits a women well I enjoy lusting after them and the feet that they are on and it turns me on just a little bit. Then I have to go out and purchase them. For guys I am the same way if I see a guy with a nice pair of Sneakers on it turns me on and shows they have some classiness about them.


I am not too fond of certain sneakers and when I buy them I like a certain type of style. I know from camming that some of my members enjoy a lady in Sneakers. I had never knew that Sneakers could be such a turn on but then again it may be in some aspects. I am sure you all hear that people will go wait in line for days to get that new pair of Sneakers before anyone else does.


So ladies and gents tell me if you like Sneakers on your partner. I want to hear your take on them.


Do you find certain sneakers appealing?
Do you like a girl (or boy) who wears them? Does it turn you on in any type of way?


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