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Kink of the Week, Feb 3-9: Pony Play

I admit, I’ve been a somewhat absentee blog owner lately. I haven’t posted much in the Kink of the Week – between not having time with all the travel & family stuff going on and not having much experience with the topics, I’ve been happy to just sit back and read what others have written about it. And you guys have been writing and posting lots – I love it! Many times the posts stir thoughts, interest and discussions, even if I haven’t got anything of my own to say about it. I do read each and every one in normal circumstances; I also try to comment on each one. Unfortunately that hasn’t happened much lately either, a circumstanxce I hope you all can forgive. My free time and the time I can spend reading sex blogs is severely curtailed while I’ve been in California, so oftentimes I only have the time to read a post quickly, but not time to comment on it, before I am called away to assist with my grandmother’s care. So please, if you post here, help take up my slack and take the time to go and read what others have to say on the topic! Well, you should be doing that anyway. First of all, you may learn something new, be surprised or aroused or inspired; and secondly, it’s just good blogging karma. 😉 As soon as I am back in my normal environs I intend to make up for my negligence, I promise!

Anyway…I’ll be gone again next week, and will not be around to read anything online (going on vacation WITHOUT my computer!) so I decided to make the most of this week and post a topic near and dear to my heart: Pony Play.

Onyx at the Arch

I had originally thought about posting pony play under the general “pet play” kink, but after doing some reading on pet play (kitten play, puppy play, etc.) I decided that ponies – and kitties and puppies and other pets of that sort – are a specific enough kink to warrant their own KOTW topic. I’ll feature pets like puppies and kittens in another Kink of the Week.

So, pony play. Have you ever engaged in it? Are you curious about it? Is it something you’ve witnessed before?

If you do pony play, what does that look like? Is it part your relationship dynamic? What do you (and/or your handler/owner/Top) get out of it?  How did you get into pony play?   Do you have a well-developed pony persona, or perhaps more than one, with its own personality and own way that it (you) interact with your Top/Dominant? Is your Top-type person different as well when in this space together?

Or perhaps it is more play-of-the-moment for you both. What signals this kind of play for you, what puts you in pony space (if you go into “pony space” at all)?  Are there certain accoutrements or signals that help you get into pony space?

Is pony play sexual to you, as an observer or as a participant?

If you are just curious about it, what is it that appeals to you about it? What draws you to this type of play and do you see yourself ever actually engaging in it?

So c’mon, it’s time to Get Our Kink On and talk about Pony Play!

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