I haven’t posted much in the Kink of the Week lately – between not having time with all the travel & family stuff going on and not having much experience with the topics, I’ve been happy to just sit back and read what others have written about it. And you guys have been writing and posting – I love it!

Many times the posts stir thoughts, interest and discussions, even if I haven’t got anything of my own to say about it (such as the recent biting and CFNM/Clothed Top/Naked Bottom posts.) I do try to get around to each post linked, and in normal circumstances usually do; I also like to comment on each one, though I hope you will forgive if I haven’t done so much this past month. My free time and the time I can spend reading sex blogs has been severely curtailed while in California, so oftentimes I only have the time to read a post, but not to comment on it, before I am called away to assist with my grandmother’s care.

Please, if you post here, take the time to go and read what others have to say on the topic. First of all, you may learn something new, be surprised or aroused or inspired; and secondly, it’s just good blogging karma. 😉 As soon as I am back in my normal environs I intend to make up for my negligence, I promise!

Anyway…I’ll be gone again this week, and not around to read anything online (going on vacation WITHOUT my computer!) so I’ve decided on another topic that I don’t know a lot – or anything, really – about: prostate play, or prostate massage!

I read a Facebook post that brought the topic up, and realized that it would make a good “educational” topic for me (and I hope an interesting and/or educational one for you.)

So…educate me. Tell me what it is, how it’s done, what it feels like.  Do you do it, either giving or receiving? Do you think of it as “kinky,” or just another sexual act? Is it something you do as part of kink play, and if so do you do it (or have it done) as a Top or a bottom?

Or tell me a story that involves it. Makes it sexy, make it hot, make me want to try it (if either one of the Guys will let me!)

If you were the instigator for this kind of play, how did you introduce it to your partner, or if not, how was it introduced to you?

Do you use toys, and if so, do you have a favorite that you’d recommend?

Okay, folks, give me something to read when I get back next Friday – let’s Get Our Kink ON & talk about prostate play!

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