We’ve had some unusual, or possibly lesser-known, kinks here in the Kink of the Week lately, so I thought maybe it was time to get back to “basics” – or at least what I consider a “basic” in BDSM play: crops.


Of course, my perception of them as a regular “tool of the trade” in BDSM play may be skewed by my upbringing as a horsey-girl – crops were always around in the tack room, and always an item of… <ahem> … interest.

How do you feel about crops in regards to BDSM play? Do you enjoy them, play with them often, use them, have them used on you? Do you like the way they feel or dread them?

Maybe you fantasize about them, or about them being used in a certain way?

Do you have a certain style or type of crop that you particularly like or don’t like?

What is it about crops that you like or dislike?

Is there a scene you’d like to share in which a crop was used, or perhaps a picture of marks left by a crop?

So let’s get back to basics, folks, and talk about that well-known tool of the trade, crops! let’s Get Our Kink On!

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