I know, I know, laughter is probably not a certified (approved, vetted, marked with the official “Kink” seal) kink. And, yeah, I’m blatantly ripping off #SinfulSunday (with Molly’s blessing!), but…

I’m sorely in need of a little sunshine this week. A little laughter.

So yeah, this week’s KOTW is all about me. Please…make me happy, make me laugh…show me joy in your kink. Tell me what fills you with laughter, what makes you giggle, why you need laughter in your kink.

Tell me what makes it hot, or what makes you giggle. Tell me why it makes you hot – or makes you snort with laughter. Tell me a time when it wasn’t supposed to be funny…but was. Tell me about how your Top or bottom makes you laugh.

Make me laugh til I cry, so I don’t sit here alone and cry while I cry. (I know – ker-waa, Jade. But whatever.)

Distract me.

That’s all I got this week, folks. Next week, I promise better. But this week, I wanna laugh.

Are you ready? Let’s Get Our Kink On and…er…laugh a little!

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