Please welcome my good friend and fellow writer and blogger: Malflic! This week he is introducing a favorite kink of his: Pigtails.

Are pigtails a real kink or are they simply a hair style that factors into some of our play and fantasy? According to a quick search on Fetlife there are 19 groups dedicated to the topic. While none of them are hugely popular, the interest is there and goes far beyond what most of us would consider kinky.  After all the web is filled with erotic images of women sporting pigtails that go well into “acceptable” mainstream desires. A simple internet query or walk through a Halloween costume store will tell you that.

So are you into pig tails? Does the site of them or wearing them turn you on?  Is there some primal attraction or sexiness about them for you that we need to understand?  Do you wear them as a tease because a known admirer or partner likes them?  Or perhaps it is more substantial than that and they tie into another larger part of your kink; perhaps the naughty school girl, a cheerleader fantasy, age play, hair pulling, or an overall hair fetish.

And of course there is the possibility you’re into them but pigtails aren’t at all kink or sex related. Rather do you choose them simply as a style out of personal preference or necessity?

The one thing I know is since I first knew I liked a woman in pig tails they hold some magic over me. And since our lovely Kink of the Week hostess first learned of my weakness for them she’s been teasing me ever since (not that I mind at all). Of course in both cases the wicked little boy I once was and the evil Top I currently am really just wants to pull them.

Bio: Malflic is seemingly a rare breed; a Male Dominant who writes a sex blog.  That oddity aside you can most likely find him acting like a perfect gentlemen surrounded by women who he’d prefer being alone with and doing something not at all gentlemanly to.

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 Are you ready? Let’s Get Our Kink On and talk about pigtails!

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