Kink of the Week – Mar 24-30: Dildos

For some reason when I started this post, the ditty about Armour hot dogs came to mind. I have no idea why, and based on the fact that it’s all about kids that love hot dogs, it is totally inappropriate for this blog, but in my head I used the tune and sang it this way:

Fat ones
Skinny ones
Ones with lots of bumps
Steel ones
Glass ones
Even ones made out of wood
Are dildos, all kinds of dildos…

Okay, maybe I’m having a little too much fun with it. But I’m just coming off almost a month of isolation in rural Eastern Pennsylvania, and I think I’ve earned a little nuttiness.

The point is, there are so many types of dildos! And more being created every day.

Do you play with dildos? Do you have a favorite? What materials do you like your dildos to be made of? Steel, glass, wood, silicone? Do you like ridges, whirls and bumps? Are there certain textures that really get you off? Or are you all about smoothness and glide?

What about the curve? Do you like a curved toy, and do you use them for g-spot massage? Or do you prefer the straight arrow?

Do you like them thick or thin? What about the giant dildos, ones that stretch you out, even ones shaped and sized like a fist? Do you use them as vaginal toys or in anal play as well?

Do you prefer the non-realistic style dildo, like my lovely glass one pictured above, or ones that look like a real cock? And just how realistic do like them? Balls and hair and all?  What about the ones molded and cast from a real person??

And okay, I just decided to open this up a bit to include the female anatomical sex toys – fake vaginas. (Pocket pussy! – love that term!) I don’t know anyone personally that has ever used one. Have you? What do you think of them?

What about how you play with dildos? Are they for solitary use or do you play with them with a partner(s)? Do you use them in kink play, as a BDSM tool, or are they strictly for sex play? Or maybe you feel that using any kind of dildo is “kinky”? (I know of several vanilla types that would say exactly that.)

Wow, so much variety, so much fun, so many possibilities…

Let’s Get Our Kink On and talk about Dildos

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