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Kink of the Week – Apr 14-20: Maschalagnia

I confess I had never heard of this fetish before it was suggested to me on Twitter a couple months ago. In fact I didn’t realize it had an “official” name! Well it does, folks, and Beck, from Beck and Her Kinks, is here to talk about it! (If you haven’t had a chance to read Beck’s blog, hop on over there. She has a delightful mixture of personal stories, toy reviews & erotica that I know you will enjoy!)


Photo courtesy of BeckandHerKinks

Armpit Fetishism, also known as maschalagnia, is the sexual attraction to armpits. This is a partialism fetish, which means the attraction is to a specific area of the body.

Do you find yourself sexually attracted to armpits?

Is it the smell? Is it the sight of them?

What about hair? Do you prefer shaved?

Have you ever done sexual acts that evolve the armpits?

Do you worship them?

Maybe you don’t like armpits at all?

Let’s talk about pits!

You heard the lady – let’s Get Our Kink On and talk about armpits!

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