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Well folks, you voted, and BUTTPLUGS were the (close) favorite for this KOTW prompt. Which makes perfect sense, since August is “Anal August,” and I know you were all having a high old time trying out those buttplugs all month long, and are just dying to write about it now, right?

Buttplugs, buttplugs, buttplugs, how do I love thee?

Oh wait, this isn’t about me (yet). It’s about you, and how you feel about buttplugs. How you use them, or why you don’t. What you like about them – and what you don’t. Is there a certain shape, size or material you prefer? Buttplugs come in so many different ones!


Maybe you want to describe a scene in which you’ve used one, or which you fantasize about. Maybe you have a piece of fiction that features a buttplug (or two, or three!) Maybe you’d like to post a picture (or several) of your favorite(s), or of one being used.

This is YOUR meme, YOUR topic – run with it!

Let’s Get Kinky, folks, and talk about buttplugs!!

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