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Post September 29 – October 12

Please allow me to introduce you to this week’s guest blogger, the ever-delightful & incorrigibly naughty Curvaceous Dee, who also happens to host one of my favorite memes on the web, the infamous Scavenger Hunt.  This week she’s introducing a favorite kink of hers and her pet Hylas’: Gas Masks!


So what makes gas masks different from hoods (which have already been a Kink of the Week)? It comes down to what they were originally designed for. While masks can cover all or part of your face, gas masks usually cover the whole face – and often the entire head – protecting the eyes and forming a seal over the nose and mouth. And of course, providing you with something to breathe through, so you’re not sucking up those supposed gases!

Gas masks have been around for centuries, but the types we know today really got their start during World War I, when poison gases were used in combat. There are many different varieties of the modern gas mask, often known by their country of origin or country plus type – for example, the British S10, the Israeli civilian and the Russian GP-5.

So how are gas masks a kink? A lot of it is for similar reasons to hoods – the (semi) occlusion and the pressure on the face. But with gas masks you can also add breath play! Some are modified specifically to allow the attachment of breathing tubes, rebreathers and more. Others are left as they are … but you are definitely aware of every breath! Add a filter and you really start to feel like you’re in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, with every breath of oxygen valuable.

Gas masks don’t appeal to everyone. Some have quite negative reactions to seeing them (or even seeing imagery of them), for various reasons. As someone who was initially quite intimidated by the look of hoods and gas masks – and putting one on was even more challenging – I can relate a little. It may be that they are particularly unappreciated if a person has war-time memories, or apocalyptic fears.

However for me, and for Hylas who introduced me to them, gas masks provide an entertaining addition to our kink landscape. Whether it’s him struggling to be allowed to breathe, me breathing for him, or me wearing one and getting a kick out of the photographs, we’ve had a lot of fun getting our gas masks on.

Bio: Curvaceous Dee is a queer New Zealand sex blogger who’s been baring and sharing all since 2006. Be sure to follow her switchy and poly adventures, full of photographic evidence (and smiles!).  Find her on Twitter: or at her blog:

Are you ready? Let’s Get Our Kink On and talk about gas masks!
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