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Kink of the Week – Dec 1-15: The Look

This is the last Kink of the Week for the year.
The Kink of the Week blog goes on holiday break from Dec. 16 – January 1.

This week’s Kink of the Week is brought to you by the fantabulous, the amazing, the one-and-only Molly Moore, writer, photographer, speaker and creator of Molly’s Daily Kiss and the wildly popular Sinful Sunday meme. You can also find her on Twitter at @Mollysdailykiss.

The Look – It’s all about the eyes.

Image courtesy of Molly’s Daily Kiss.

After last weeks kink that was all about communicating with words this one is about communicating with your eyes or more specifically communicating an intention with just one look.

You are messing around teasing your partner and they flash you THAT look, a cross between a warning and a dare. You know if you carry on you will pay the price but sometimes paying the price can be fun. The Look is almost a promise…

Of course sometimes The Look can be more of a glint in the eye with a knowing smile that you know means evil dirty thoughts are parading happily around inside their brain as they imagine all the things they are going to do to you.

So, do you like giving The Look? Is it part of your relationship dynamic where just the raised eyebrow can tell him or her they are about to over step the mark or maybe you are a the recipient of The Look, if so, what effect does seeing those eyes focused directly on you have? Maybe you have misinterpreted The Look or maybe you have acted up just to get it.

What is it exactly about The Look that turns you on?

I look forward to reading these post. I think this is a kink that is very much part of D/s relationships so I shall be interested to see if that is reflected in the posts people write.

Ready to get kinky? Let’s Get Our Kink On and talk about…The Look!

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And don’t forget – this topic lasts until December 15.

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