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Kink of the Week – Feb 1-15: Blood Play

I arrived at the topic for the first two weeks of February from two different directions. The first is pretty obvious: February ->Valentine’s Day -> love -> hearts -> blood -> kinky blood play.

What could be more romantic than that for Valentine’s Day?

The other direction was a tiny bit more circuitous. It was via two bloggers (Rebel’s Notes and Molly’s Daily Kiss) that mentioned paddles with spikes – used to draw blood – for last week’s #KOTW.

Now I have been on the sharp end of W’s “pokie pads” a time or two, and on the smacked end of a paddle or two as well, but I have never been on the bloody end of a spiked paddle.

Frankly, it’s not a place I fantasize about being. Blood play holds absolutely no interest for me – at least as far as actually engaging in it. But the what, who, how and most of all, whythat I find incredibly interesting, and I am hoping, if you enjoy blood play, that you will tell us all about it.

Clearly it is a huge draw for many people, both kinky and not (vampire fiction, anyone?) And what better time to talk about it than the first two weeks of February?

What is it that makes your blood race about blood play? (Yeah that was corny – oh well.) But really, for those of you that like it, that do it, what is it about it that fascinates you? Why do you do it?

And what do you do? Is it mild – enjoying the result of a knife scratch, say, or the bloody marks of a whip, or does it go to the more extreme end of blood play, with blood letting? How does blood play figure into your kink life, your sex life? How do you satisfy it? How do you express it?

Is it sexual for you and/or your partner? Is it arousing?

How does menstrual blood come into this, if at all?

Is there an emotional element to blood play? Is there a D/s element? What is it about blood play that makes it a kink for you?

Let’s Get Our Kink On and talk about Blood Play.

New to #KOTW? Here’s how to participate:

If you’d like to submit to the Kink of the Week but don’t have a blog, or want to do so anonymously, send your submissions to piecesofjade at gmail dot com and I’ll post it.

Don’t forget – this topic lasts until February 15.
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