Before we launch into the new topic I just want to take a moment to explain to everyone what it going on here at the moment. As you may or may not have noticed Jade has closed down her main blog as a result of one her partners becoming seriously ill. For the time being all her time and attention is, understandably, focused on her family at this incredibly challenging time for them all and I am sure you will join me (Molly) in sending her and her family positive thoughts for a speedy and thorough recovery. You are in out hearts and minds Jade and will be sorely missed both in the blogging community but we will remain hopeful that in time you will return.

Clearly Jade has done a great deal of work to build Kink of the Week and she wanted that work to continue despite her not being able to currently carry it on with it herself and so she asked me to take it over for her. At first she suggested moving it to my hosting but that felt like a rather bold move to me and so I have agreed to manage the meme for her in this space until such time as she feels ready to make a definitive decision about its future.


So, lets us all get our kink on this week with the topic of belts

There is something incredibly sexy to me about a man unbuckling his belt, sliding it through the loops of his pants and twisting it round his hand. That simple act turns an everyday clothing item into a seriously hot spanking implement.

So how about you and belts? Are you, like me on the receiving end of the belt. Does the knowledge that he/she is blatantly walking around wearing something that has a much more loaded meaning to it than just holding up their trousers turn you on? Do you love watching them take it off, does the feel of it thrill you or make you cry. Maybe it is an item reserved for punishment or do your eyes light up the moment their fingertips reach for the clasp?

Alternatively are you the belt wearer/wielder? How does that work for you? Do you get off on wearing it out and about? Do you remember the first time you used a belt on someone. Is it a turn on knowing that what most people regard as an item of clothing means way more than that to you? It is your go to impact toy or one you reserve for specific or special occasions/people

Let’s not forget that belts have other uses besides giving someone a spanking. They can be turned into gags, blindfolds and lets not forget they can make ideal impromptu restraints.

Or maybe belts are not for you, did you have a bad experience, does their history of being used as a discipline tool in a non-consensual way make your blood run cold? Do they feature in your hard limits list and if so why?

Come talk to me about belts, love em, hate em, or maybe just write me a belting hot story!

Man's belt used as a restraint

Let’s Get Our Kink On and talk about Belts

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