Do you love it when they beg? Kneeling at your feet pleading with you, big eyes looking up into yours, that need in their tone as they appeal to you. Are they begging you stop or begging you for more, does it even matter, is just the begging enough regardless of the when or why?

Or maybe you are the begger, the one pleading for more, or for less. Make it stop, please don’t, please can I cum, please fuck me, please, please…. Does it make you hard or wet knowing that all your words and actions can only affect the outcome if the person you are begging to decides you have done a good enough job.

Is begging part of a another kink for you such as being Puppy Play or as Little, or maybe it is a regular feature of your D/s dynamic?

Begging need not always be about words either, after all if you mouth is full then all you have left is that needy look in your eyes to ask for what you need.

Or maybe begging just doesn’t work for you. Instead of being a hot sexy turn on does it in fact do the exact opposite and throws a big bucket of metaphorical cold water over you. If so, why, does it feel fake, do you have a hard time being convinced by it or doing it convincingly depending on which role you are in?

Let’s Get Our Kink On and talk about Begging

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