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Kink of the Week – March 16-31: Corsets

Breathe in, let’s tighten things up a bit and talk about Corsets.

The history of Corsets is a long and varied tale with evidence of early forms of Corsetry dating back to Ancient Crete (3000 – 1200BC) but they really started to become popular in sixteenth-century Europe, eventually reaching the height of their popularity in Victorian era. Throughout history, as fashions and trends for body shapes and styles have changed they have been worn by both men and woman to achieve the much desired ‘look of the time’ but the later parts of the 20th century really saw the end of the Corset as an everyday piece in your wardrobe. Which brings us to present day, where the Corset is having something of a resurgence in popularity driven by Steampunk and Fetish fashions which have both contributed to the Corset yet again being a popular item.

So what about you and Corsets?

Are you the owner of one of these garments? Do you prefer the over-bust or under-bust variety of maybe you love the short little waist clinchers. Are you happy with the plastic boned fashion Corsets or have you splashed out on a more robust steel bone variety. What is it about wearing the corset that love? It is the sensation or being held tight or is purely about the way it looks?

Alternatively maybe you kink for Corsets is in the enjoyment of seeing others wearing one. Do you have a thing for lacing someone into their Corset, or maybe the way it feels to you when you put your hand around their waist or could just be the way it looks? Is there just something so delicious about the shapely figure that a Corset achieves that just ticks your kinky box

Or maybe the whole thing is just not for you. Does the corset leave you cold? Are you utterly at a loss as to why anyone would wear one? have you tried wearing one and hated the whole thing, does it now lay dusty and unloved at the bottom of some wardrobe somewhere?

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Let’s Get Our Kink On and talk about Corsets

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