Since I have taken over the running of Kink of the Week for Jade I have a number of people requesting topics that have already been done. This then led to people requesting an opportunity to go back and revisit some of the prompts that they have missed but would really like to write about.

As a result the next two weeks will be Catch Up KOTW!

So, pick a previous Kink of the Week topic, any topic, and write a brand new post on it. Maybe you missed butt plugs or wax play when it was featured? Maybe you have had a new experience of one of the previously covered topics and want to go back and write about it again? Did you used to wonder about Wax Play but now know that it is the best thing ever, or maybe you bought a Butt Plug and hated it?  Was one post on Knife Play just not enough? What about sharing those fabulous images from a particular kink session that  you never got around to?

Every Kink of the Week topic covered so far is open to re-examine, re-write on, reflect upon and write about!

That gives you a massive Sixty One topics to write about! *You can do as many of them as you like.

In order to keep track of with what people have decided to write about, please add your posts to the Linky Tool, below. Be sure to include the topic you have covered in the title on the linky tool but your post title does not have to have it if you don’t want to, that way people can know what to expect the post to be about before clicking on the link.

Here’s a list of the topics covered so far, linking to each one so you can go back and read the original brief.

1. Spanking 2. Wax Play 3. Blindfolds
4. Foot Fetish 5. Roleplay 6. Face Slapping
7. Erotic Hypnosis 8. Collars 9. Panties
10. Figging 11. Furries 12. Knife Play
13. Electrical Play 14. Clothespins 15. Marks
16. Canes 17. Flogging 18. Singletails
19. Exhibitionism 20. Forniphilia 21. Protocol
22. Hoods 23. Sapiosexuality 24. Leather
25. Fellatio 26. Gags 27. Voyeurism
28. Bastinado 29. Tickling 30. Temperature Play
31. Punishment – Real 32. Slave Positions 33. Funishment
34. Collaring Ceremonies  35. Socks  36. Biting
37. Clothed Top Naked Bottom 38. Sneakers 39. Pony Play
40. Prostate Play/Massage 41. Crops 42. Handcuffs
43. Laughter 44. Pigtails 45. Lingerie
46. Dildo’s 47. Orgasm Control 48. Pinching
49. Maschalagnia (Armpit Fetish 50. Butt Plugs 51. School Uniforms
52. Gas Masks 53. Stockings, Pantyhose & Tights 54. Piercings and being pierced
55. Dirty Talk 56. The Look 57. Dacryphilia – Crying
58. Paddles 59. Blood Play 60. Belts
61. Corsets 62. 63.


Don’t forget Kink of the Week is not just about personal experiences and tales, you can also share you fiction here to. So why not pen me a dirty ditty, a torrid tale, or a steamy story based around one of the topics listed!

Let’s Get Our Kink On and talk about…… which of the kinks above?

New to #KOTW? Here’s how to participate:

  • Write your post
  • Add the KOTW Badge to it
  • Link to it below (direct links to the post itself, not just your blog)
  • Tweet/Facebook/Tumblr/Google+ it (hashtags #KinkoftheWeek and/or #KOTW)
  • Check back frequently to read other blogger’s posts & spread the kinky love!

If you’d like to submit to the Kink of the Week but don’t have a blog, or want to do so anonymously, send your submissions to [email protected] and I’ll post it.

Don’t forget – this topic lasts until April 15th.

*Please note: Kink of the Week is intended to highlight only ORIGINAL, CURRENT content.

1. Wax on, Wax Off

2. My Stress Reliever

3. Watching

4. My Master’s Belt

5. Some tiny thoughts on Corsets

6. Face Slapping

7. Piercings

8. Not just for clothes

9. The Glass Perspective

10. Snicker-snack