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Kink of the Week – May 1-15: Face-sitting

With the recent new legislation in the UK that bans the act of Facesitting in UK produced pornography due to being “potentially life-endangering” I thought it would be a good topic for Kink of the Week to explore.

Facesitting is also sometimes known as Queening or Kinging and is when one partner sits on the face of another to allow oral sex to take place. Sometimes this includes an element of ‘forced oral’. It is often associated with female domination (femdom)but not exclusively.

Is Facesitting your kink? If so, are you the sitter or the person sat upon? Do you just love the sensation or is part of a power dynamic play? Have you ever used a Queening stool or  Smother Box? What do you love about Facesitting?

Maybe it is an unfulfilled fantasy for you. Do you have a FMF or F/F fantasy that involves this activity, or maybe something else?

Have you tried it and found it just wasn’t for you, or maybe you were the sitter and discovered that actually what got you off was being sat upon? Even if Facesitting is absolutely not your kink, tell us why.

Don’t forget Kink of the Week is not just about personal experiences and tales, you can also share you fiction here too. So why not pen me a dirty ditty, a torrid tale, or a steamy story around the current topic.

Let’s Get Our Kink On and talk about Facesitting

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Don’t forget – this topic lasts until May 15th.
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