Has 50 Shades of Grey made suit wearing just cheesy or is it such a classically good look that it can withstand one billionaire wanna be Dom?

Do you love a man in a suit, or a woman for that matter? Is there something about a well fitted jacket, a stiff collar shirt and a tie that just does it for you? Is it the perfectly tailored pants or tight skirt that just makes your mind wander to dirty thoughts? Are you all about the suit porn? If so, why… what it is about a suit that attracts you? Is it purely the look or maybe you associate with a particular person or memory. Could your love of suits maybe date back to your youth and school uniforms? Would also be great to hear from any women who like wearing the business suit look and from people who find a woman in a suit/business wear just the hottest thing ever.

What about those of you who love wearing a suit? Is it every day work attire for you or maybe you only get to put one on for a special occasion? Do you have a suit collection to rival James Bond or maybe you only have one faithful outfit in your wardrobe? Is there something about getting one tailored especially for you that just turns you on? How does slipping into a suit, adjusting yours cuffs and doing up your tie make you feel? Maybe your love of wearing a suit came about from other people’s appreciation of you in one or do you just love the way it looks and feels on you?

Alternatively maybe you were once made to wear a suit all the time and now can not stand them. Do you associate them with work, obligation, conformity? Is a suit the sign that you have sold your soul to the main-stream?

Let’s Get Our Kink On and talk about Suits

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