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Kink of the Week – June 1-16: Anonymous Sex

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I have had this one on the Kink of the Week list since I first took over from Jade but for various reasons I kept passing it over for other topics, however a few weeks back I read a story based around the theme of anonymous sex and decided that this was a topic that could no longer be ignored. The story in question was; A Taste by Jade A Waters and I will pause here a moment to give you a chance to go and read, if you have not already done so….

Back now? Turned on? I know I was when I read that, so lets talk about anonymous sex.

Have you ever done it? Maybe a one night stand where names were not important, just bodies, sex, fucking. Did you even make it back to the hotel or your bed or did you end up doing it in an alleyway, a field, the back of someones car? Was it a massive turn on, an amazing sexy memory that makes you grin every time to think about it or maybe you came away from it feeling something more negative than that?

Of course there are also rooms designed to give you the thrill of anonymous sex. Many swingers/sex clubs have glory holes or dark rooms which are designed specifically with anonymous sexual encounters in mind. Have you ever been in one or maybe you have a fantasy about such an encounter?

What about blindfolds? They can be used to create an illusion of anonymous sex and in the right persons hands can be the key to a delicious mind fuck where someone is left truly doubting who it is touching them.

*Don’t forget Kink of the Week is not just about personal experiences and tales, you can also share you fiction here too. So why not pen me a dirty ditty, a torrid tale, or a steamy story around the current topic.*

Let’s Get Our Kink On and talk about Anonymous Sex

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Don’t forget – this topic lasts until June 16th.
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