This is not about anal sex, that will get its own moment in the Kink of the Week limelight in due course, but about that glorious body part the bottom. Or maybe you don’t call it that, is it an ass or if you are a Brit then arse, or tush, butt, bum, rear…..

So lets talk about bums. Are you are bum person, do you find yourself easily distracted by a perfect bottom walking past you and is that perfect bum a male or a female one, or maybe both? Do you love to touch, pinch, stroke, spank, lick your lovers bum and if so what is it about their bum that just works for you?

Perhaps you find yourself always drawn to sexy pictures of bottoms, if so, which ones grab your bottom loving attention. Do you like them hidden beneath a sexy pair of panties, showcased by a thong or just bare and beautiful? Alternatively maybe it is the male butt that you adore, those pert tight perfect little buns that just look perfect in a well fitted pair of jeans or suit pants.

What of your own bottom. Is it a part of your body that you love, or one you try to cover up and ignore? Do you like having your bum worshiped and if so how? Maybe it is about the tender caresses or perhaps you like your bum worshiped with a little bit more impact?

*Don’t forget Kink of the Week is not just about personal experiences and tales, you can also share you fiction here too. So why not pen me a dirty ditty, a torrid tale, or a steamy story around the current topic.*

Let’s Get Our Kink On and talk about Asses/Bottoms/Bums

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