This piece was sent to me by someone who, for the time being, wishes to remain anonymous. She wrote this especially for Kink of the Week though and I don’t know about you but I think it is absolutely beautiful.

The Perfect Gentleman

I think we all have an idea or fantasy of what our perfect kiss would be like. I recently found out that mine was nothing compared to the reality.

We have not been seeing each other very long. He is a good old fashioned perfect gentleman who believes in dating, establishing common ground and a relationship before becoming more intimate, which makes for a refreshing change from all the other potential partners over the last few years. But from our first goodnight kiss which left me on my tip toes, each kiss since has evolved and expanded, an exchange of give and take, an exploration of each other and our reactions. They have always left me wanting more and anticipating the next one.

I sat across from him in a very nice restaurant, The food, wine, atmosphere and company were all wonderful, I had just put my glass down on the table and as I glanced back at him he was looking at me with an expression I had not seen before, “ I am going to kiss you “ was all he said. My instant anticipation set off the tell tale responses in my body. Oh my…. I wanted that kiss. At that moment coffee arrived and I was going to have to wait just a little while longer. He winked at me knowing full well what he had set in motion.

He walked me back to his car with his arm around my waist. As we arrived at our destination he pulled me round to face him. He placed his hand on my cheek and ran it down my jaw line “Now for my kiss” he leant forward and placed his lips on mine and kissed me ever so slowly. He moved his other hand slowly up my back into my hair. I let out a soft moan onto his lips and started to return his kiss. He went still for the briefest of moments, stepped back slightly before placing a hand on my chest and closing his hand in my hair; he pulled my head back gently and looked at me. He slid his other hand slowly from my chest to my neck and gave it a gentle squeeze. His voice was calm and barley above a whisper “I do believe that I said I was going to kiss you.”

It was like he had seen into my imagination and read every word. In an instant goose bumps travelled like lightning from the back of my neck to my toes. My nipples went tight and sensitive, my juices flowed and my clit twitched and throbbed, aching to be touched. That one action and those words had pushed all my buttons in one go, even some up until that moment I never knew I had.

With the faintest hint of a smile he pulled my head to one side and began to nuzzle, lick, kiss and graze his teeth up my neck and jaw line. He ran his tongue along my bottom lip and flicked the tip of my tongue with his before continuing along my lip and on towards the other side. When he reached my neck he took some of my skin between his teeth and applied the barest amount of pressure. As he released my skin it was his turn to let out a soft moan.

He held me with his lips hovering just over mine. I could feel his warm breath on my lips and feel his erection nudging at my thigh. He had that same expression he had given me earlier. The one I had not recognised. The look in his eyes I had never seen before, not just from him but from anyone. It was desire, this man at this time desired me. With that realisation, I let go of everything. Time stood still, nothing else existed. My whole world shrank down to just the two of us and the anticipation of the kiss to come. My need to have some measure of control, to protect myself, to be able to keep both feet firmly on the ground all disappeared. He must have sensed when I had let go; it was like he had been hoping and waiting for that moment. As that is when he finally leaned in truly kissed me.

I will not attempt to try and describe that kiss. I don’t think I can or will ever find the right words to even come close to doing it justice. I will say it was everything and OH so very much more. It was long, passionate, sensual, and insistent. All fuelled by his desire for me, his need to take and consume me and I had let him take what he needed. It left us both breathless and with our hearts pounding. As he held me close, all he said was “WOW!” and that was a good a word as any.

“Since the invention of the kiss, there have only been five kisses that were rated the most passionate, the most pure. This one left them all behind.”  ……The Princess Bride

I don’t think it matters how old you are, how many people you have kissed or how often. It is still possible that someone will come along and make you feel like that you have only just truly been kissed for the first time.