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Kink of the Week May 15-31: Writing on Skin

In 2012 I was honoured to be selected to read some of my work at The Festival for the Erotic Arts in Edinburgh. Michael and I had a fabulous weekend enjoying both the beautiful city of Edinburgh and all the different events that were part of the festival. Why I am telling you this, well, it was there that my kink for being written/drawn on was born and all because of Tabitha Rayne. She was also reading her work at the event and I can remember sitting in the audience listening to her beautiful voice as she read her story and once she had finished leaning over to Michael and whispering into his ear, I think you should write on me. When I asked Tabitha about that story recently she kindly posted it in full, to her blog, so I could reference in this post. So I will wait to carry on with this introduction whilst you go and read it. The Scribe by Tabitha Rayne


Back now? Need a moment? Need a pen by any chance? If so then maybe the idea of being written on or drawn on is a kink for you. Do you find the idea of it sensual and erotic? Can you image the scratch of the pen on your skin, the look in your lover’s eye as they use your flesh as a canvas? Alternatively maybe the idea of it makes you uncomfortable, does it feel to exposing, humiliating or maybe you feel nothing at all for the idea.

Have you ever written on yourself? What about a message for a lover to discover or maybe just for you because it turned you on. Maybe someone has written on you. Did they draw something beautiful or write filthy words on you that made you feel deliciously dirty? Did it wash off, or linger on your skin for days? However maybe you were the scribe, the one marking someones flesh; why, how, when, who?

I am fairly sure this is a kink that will lend itself very well to the fiction writers among you so stretch out your human canvas’ and pen your dirty thoughts upon them for us all to read and enjoy here.

Let’s Get Our Kink On and talk about Writing on skin

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