I do love it when people get in touch who don’t have a blog but the topic has so inspired then that they want to share something. This piece and the image is by @Eos_awoken


Bring back the bush

I saw Molly’s prompt for Kink Of The Week about pubic hair and wanted to contribute.

I love pubic hair.

If left to its own devices though I think I’d look like a Victorian lady, so I do trim. I don’t remember when I started to trim. I had already been sexually active for quite a while before it even occurred to me to trim. Perhaps in my 20’s, before the Internet 😉
I think I did it to see what it was like, the guys liked it and so shaving my pubic hair began.

On me now, it’s very much determined by my Sir. I’m shaved underneath but have some hair on my mound, trimmed neat or sometimes very short. I suffer badly from shaving rash there (I have tried EVERYTHING to stop it) so I never go completely bald.
I also like that the hair hides my c-section scar.

I also love pubic hair on men. I love to breathe in his scent, bury my nose in it, tug on it gently…I prefer men to be more natural in the hair department, no shaving or waxing at all. Maybe a trim but please leave some.

In photos, painting, on film, I think both men and women look sexier with pubic hair. My favourite painting is The Origin of the World.
We all have our preferences and mine is definitely #BringBackTheBush 😀


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