Kink of the Week April 16-30: Uniforms

We have already done school girl/boy uniforms as a topic here as it a pretty popular kink/fetish in its own right but what about uniforms in general.

Police, Nurse, Doctor, Military, Flight Attendant, Fire Fighter, Pilot are the ones that tend to spring to mind when you think about uniforms but the question is, do you think about uniforms?

Maybe you get off on wearing one as part of kinky role play. If so what is your preferred role: Are you the sexy nurse, the hunky fireman, the corruptible police officer, the stern army officer etc? What it is about wearing a uniform that floats your boat? Or maybe you have not actually done it but have a fantasy that involves this type of role play to share with us.

Alternatively you might not be the one wearing the uniform but getting off on someone else wearing it. Do you have a thing for men or women in uniform? If so which uniform catches your eye and makes your pulse quicken? Is it the way the it looks on someone or what it represents that works for you? Again, maybe you have a fantasy that involves someone in uniform doing bad things to/with you?

Of course you might find the whole idea of a uniforms leaves you cold. Is there a reasons for this, maybe you wear one in your everyday life and find nothing remotely sexy about it, or maybe this is just a thing that has never really tickled your fancy.

As always you are most welcome to post fiction pieces here and so maybe you might like to write a story inspired by this topic.

Let’s Get Our Kink On and talk about Uniforms

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