Kink of the Week Aug 16-31: Going Commando

Going commando, also sometimes known as ‘free-balling’ for men is the practice of not wearing any underwear (pants, boxers, panties, knickers etc) beneath your clothes.

Being told to not wear any underwear seems to be a popular part of many couples D/s or kink relationships and should give both the non wearer of the undies and the one making the request a delicious thrill. However for some it has nothing to do with D/s or being told/made to do it but it just a feeling or state of dress (or should that be undress) that someone enjoys for whatever reason. It feels nice, comfortable, exciting, sexy or maybe you just ran out of underwear that day.

So come on people are you a commando type of person. Do you like to feel the breeze between your thighs or maybe the pleasing rub of the seam of your jeans? Is it something you do often or only now and then? Is it something you have done or do as part of a kink or D/s relationship? Have you ever removed your underwear whilst out in public at the command of another person? Do you go to work like that or save it for a night out or a special date? Maybe there are only certain clothes/outfits you would consider doing it underneath? Is there just something fucking sexy about not wearing yours pants(ies)?

Maybe you are the one who is making the requests. Do you get off on knowing your partner is bare beneath their clothes? Do you like to let your hands wander as a result? Is the idea of the shared secret? Or that they are doing it for you maybe?

Or maybe you also have your underwear on but you once caught a glimpse of someone and realised they were gong commando. Did the knowledge that you saw something ‘secret’ turn you on?

And of course don’t forget that we love a bit of fiction on Kink of the Week and I think this topic is one that surely will inspire a few of you story tellers.

Let’s Get Our Kink On and talk about: Going Commando

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Going Commando
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Going Commando
Going commando, also sometimes known as 'free-balling' for men is the practice of not wearing any underwear beneath your clothes.
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