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Hand Spanking

man spanking womans bottom

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Kink of the Week September 16-30: Hand Spanking

Some of you maybe aware that a few weeks back the linky tool that I used to use here vanished and as a result all the old links were lost. Since then the site has returned but I don’t know how long for and so I am going to gradually work through each topic we have done and update the links onto the page. However as a result of starting that I realised that many of the bloggers who joined in then are no longer around and that it might be nice to revisit some of those topics again. For those who did write something the first time around hopefully you will have something more or new to say on the matter.

With that in mind the first ever Kink of the Week topic that was covered was spanking. At the time the intro was fairly broad and even mentioned implements. Since then we have also covered Over the Knee spanking as well as things like Paddles, flogging, crops etc and so I thought we would revisit spanking but focusing on the pure art of hand spanking, so no implements just bare hand on (bare) bottom.

So are you the spanker? If so what it is that you like about spanking someone else. Is it the act itself and it can be sexy for you regardless of the dynamic or maybe it is because it is part of a D/s or BDSM relationship. Do you always like the person to have a bare bottom or does spanking them through their clothes work just as well for you? Can you remember the first time you spanked someone, did you do it because it just felt right or maybe they asked you to do it and in that moment you discovered something new about yourself. (Remember these are all just ideas and suggestions of things you might like to write about)

Or are you the spankee? If so what it is about being spanked by someone that works for you. Do you just love the feel of someones hand heating up the flesh on your bottom. Do you like it when you are asked to bend over, or pull down your undies? Do you remember your first spanking? Do you remember your last spanking? Is spanking a part of your relationship dynamic. Have you ever orgasmed from a spanking? Does being spanked turn you on or maybe it relaxes you?

And if you don’t want to write about yourself then why not write a sexy story with a good old fashioned spanking theme!

Let’s Get Our Kink On and talk about: Hand Spanking

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