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Wax Play

different coloured wax dripped onto womans legs, wax play

Image courtesy of Aurora Glory

Kink of the Week November 16-30: Wax Play

This is one of those topics that I thought we should revisit. It was first covered here on Kink of the Week four and half years ago and so that seems a suitable time to leave between revisits don’t you think?

So here we go, what are your thoughts on wax play: a big ole sexy kink for you or something that instead of lighting your fire, leaves you cold?

Are you the person who likes to feel the heat of the wax landing on your skin or the person who likes to be the one holding onto the candle and doing the pouring or maybe you are both?

Do you have a favourite type of candle or a favourite body part for wax play?

Is it about the feel it or is more the way it looks that lights your wick?

Maybe this is a kink you have always wanted to try but have yet to do so, if so what about it attracts you?

Whatever your thoughts, experiences, desire about this kink we want to hear them.

Don’t forget posts can be any kind of writing: autobiographical, educational, a fantasy, poetry or erotica, thoughts and musings; or no writing at all: a picture or a picture essay is just fine too!

Let’s Get Our Kink On and talk about: Wax Play

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