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Anal Sex

Édouard Henri Avril art depicting anal sex between a man and a woman

Kink of the Week January 1-16: Anal Sex

Can you believe this has never been a topic here before? We have done Butt Plugs and Strap-on’s which included pegging but not anal sex, until now that is so reach for the lube and lets get going…

Do you have a thing for anal sex? If yes, are you the receiver, the giver or maybe both? Do you remember the first time you had anal sex? Was it all you expected it to me and more or maybe the opposite? Do you have a partner(s) who shares your love of some bumfun or maybe it is something that mainly stays in your fantasies? Do you like to include it when you masturbate? What it is about anal sex that gets you going? Do you have a favourite position for anal?

Or maybe you are the flip side and it is no go area for you, if so is that as the receiver or the giver or both? Perhaps everything about it turns you off or maybe you had a bad experience that has left you feeling negative about it? Or is there some other reason?

Have you ever had a partner who didn’t match your desires in the anal department. Maybe they were into it and you were not or the other way round, how did you deal with that? Was it a deal breaker or something you were happy to compromise over?

Let’s Get Our Kink On and talk about: Anal Sex

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