I love it when people get in touch with me out of the blue because they have been inspired to write something by one of the prompt. This is a guest post sent to me by @Flipflopbob for the Anal sex prompt.


Hi Molly, I post on Twitter as flipflopbob and just thought I’d let you know about my journey of discovering anal pleasure.

I’m straight, married and never really considered anal before, I mean receiving. Back when we first met we did have anal, I gave her, and she did stick her finger up my bum, but I think we just rushed it and didn’t really get it. Fast forward 15yrs we went through a sticky patch and briefly separated. During this time I thought ‘great, back to wanking’ it can get quite dull, so I bought a Fleshlight, meh, it’s ok but an expensive poor substitute. Browsing Lovehoney I saw an Aneros prostate stimulator and curiously bought it. Like all new things it’s taken a few goes to get right, I even bought a bigger vibrating one.

I’ve been experimenting on my own, as you can see the smaller Aneros is tapered, with a bit of manipulation it just about puts the right pressure on the prostate, it also works well as a plug, and together with hip thrusting is becoming a bit of an eye opener, as I’ll explain. The larger black one vibrates at 5 speeds, it needs to be manually held as it is not tapered and will slide out. I’ve used it a couple of times and it does hit the spot.

I have also medical reason, my father has suffered prostate cancer, had a prostectomy and has been in pain ever since. I have read about milking the prostate and it’s health benefits, I’m not entirely convinced, most of the ‘studies’ are sponsored by either advocates of prostate milking, or product manufacturers, but hey-ho folk have been filling each and every orifice for gratification since the dawn of time, and I’m enjoying finding out.

Now, the other night as a solo adventure I attempted to use the Aneros and not touch my cock or balls. As I lubed up and got going I was overcome with a completely new sensation, after about 10mins of trying different positions and experimenting with different pressures etc my entire body was convulsing in a non-ejaculatory orgasm, at that point I couldn’t contain it any longer and had to wank my cock. Eventually when the orgasm came OMG!! I don’t think I have ever cum like that, I certainly have not had sensations like that leading up to ejaculating.

The best thing is now we are back together again she is up for introducing this into our sex lives. I can’t wait to get time off work and get right down to I really want to fuck my wife while wearing the Aneros, the hip thrusting sensations and different positions are insane. And I’m willing to submit to my wife and have her fuck me with the vibrating one, but not until after we have played with one of her vibrating toys and got ourselves into a heightened sticky mess…

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