I am delighted to welcome a lovely guest poster to the current Kink of the Week topic which is men in panties. This piece was written by @Aguyinpanties

man in black women knickersI’m Mark, I’m 36 and for the last couple of years I’ve worn knickers privately. My partner is completely unaware, and that’s part of the thrill. Feeling the feminine material cling to my bum and my cock feels very special, and I like to observe the way I bulge out of them.

I guess a big part of this fetish is the juxtaposition of my masculine body, including my naval, leg and pubic hair, against the femininity of the knickers. I won’t always masturbate when I indulge in this fetish; sometimes I’ll wear a pair of lacy panties for a bit, enjoy the feeling then change back into boxers.


bulge of mans penis through black womens panties

I was doing the washing one day, putting underwear away and felt an overwhelming curiosity to find out how a pair of knickers would feel to wear. The thrill of pulling them on, the tightness as I pulled them over my thighs and the hugging feeling as they settled around my bum and cock, was electric and something I still feel today. Now I have my own special collection and buy a new pair every few months. But I do borrow my partner’s occasionally.


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